Friday, November 6, 2009

November 6, 1936

Oh - oh! - at last I'm back in Portland! At last! I never thought I'd be so happy to see this dreary place - marooned here, though I seem to be - but, my word, after all I've been through! I shall write very soon, pets, and tell you all about my adventures into the dark soul of Mexico. But you'll have to wait just a bit, my darlings. Your beloved, glamourous Madeleine is in the greatest, desperate need of "refurbishment". You would not believe the poverty of grooming I've been made to endure; I might have died of it. I'm all scuffed and rumpled. My feet, my skin, my nails! Wretched, I tell you; I look like a pig who's been digging for truffles - yes, I do! And my hair! Les coiffeuses de Mexique are little more than barbarians; you should see what they've done to my lovely hair. It looks as though they set it whilst I sat astride a spinning top; I am awhirl! I look like Lupe Vélez, for goodness sake! Which is fine for her, I suppose, poor dear, but not for me. After I am properly rested, and I've recaptured a bit of my starry lustre - haha! - I shall tell you all about my ghastly little escapade. Quelle horreur!


Penny Prévert said...

Mother, thank God! I was out of my head. I was so distressed, I could hardly stay out nights past two.

Well, I wish you would come out with it and tell me what happened to you down there in Mexico - and how and why you got there in the first place. Get yourself coiffed and glamourized and tell us the whole story!

I do hope you didn't offend any Mexicans, though. Please tell me you didn't repeat any of these remarks to their faces. I've seen some perfectly lovely hairdos on Mexican ladies, and I do wish you'd, well, pipe down about it.

There, I said it.

In the meantime, I'm having a swell time in Hollywood. I've been out with Cary Grant THREE times, and I think you're right, Mother - he certainly could be bisexual. Oh, wouldn't that be too perfect, Mother? Oh, he's absolutely dreamy!

Lu said...

The "dark soul of Mexico"... do tell..

xtine said...

my darling,
i've been worried about you. mexico is a dangerous place, you know. and i know all about it. for heaven's sake get yourself a manicure, perfume your impeccable handkerchief and let us know what has happened! there simply must be something dark that you're going to spin into gold, you know. you always do. gold gold gold!
inordinate amounts of love,
your x

and oh penny!
my god. carey grant. why he most certainly is bisexual. all those italian tumblers and acrobats always are! they're put on earth to keep us from dying of boredom! god bless them all....