Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28, 1936

I just read in the papers today that Marina, Duchess of Kent, is going to have another baby. How dear. It's rather the royal business to turn out rosy, lace-frilled poppets at regular intervals, but I hope it doesn't spoil her figure overly. I met darling Marina in Paris a few years ago, before her marriage to Georgie. She's just the sweetest, most charming thing. And I was quite happily surprised to find that she speaks perfect English. I rather expected she'd have some appallingly vulgar Greek accent. Something bleating and goat-like.

But I really don't know why I should be surprised, as the Greek royals aren't a drop Greek. Not a drop! Danish, don't you know. And more than a bit German. And then, Marina's mother is Russian, of course. Princess Nicholas was born a grand duchess; a big one, not a little one. But the Russians aren't even Russian. German! Our royals are dreadfully German, as well, though, since the war, we don't like to speak of it. Why is it, when one gives a royal a bit of a scrub, they always turn up German underneath? German, German, German. Oh, I know we shouldn't care; we aren't supposed to still be cross with the Boche, since they did lose the war and all, and they were so beastly poor after, feeding rats to their children and that sort of thing. But they've not got it too bad now, have they? I ask you? That horrid, shrieking Hitler fellow has everything fixed up quite proper, doesn't he? But I mean, really...!

Hmmm? Oh...now where was I...? Hmmm.... Oh, yes darling Marina! And Georgie. I knew him before his marriage as well. It must be said that he was a bit more fun then - gay, insouciant - but he did need settling down before things came completely unhinged. And Marina is an angel and so stunningly beautiful. It is a disappointment about her bloaty ankles and feet. But all the Greek princesses are cursed with bloaty ankles and feet. It's really a blessing they all have those glorious Madonna-like faces; it's the most marvelous diversion!

Time for my massage; my frightful Miss Daphne is straining at her chains! Haha!

À bientôt, my darlings!

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