Wednesday, January 20, 2010

January 20, 1936

My darling Penny finally arrived this morning! Her brows were un-plucked, her nails un-varnished, and her hair un-set; it seems Hollywood has turned her into a savage! But, oh, how ridiculously happy I am that she's here with me at last! And how I have missed the silly creature; really, I have. It appears I've got a maternal instinct, after all! Haha!

Well, her old mummy will get her right again in no time. Now, actually, it may take a wee bit longer than that. She's frightfully tanned, as are all those awful picture people, and has gone quite shockingly natural. And she's got nothing to wear but silly sundresses. Cotton! Can you imagine? And low-heeled sandals.... But we'll be home very soon and then, after a lovely bit of shopping in Paris, all will be right with the world again. Oh, la!

Adieu, my darlings. Adieu!


Penny Prévert said...

But, natural is au courant, Mother. Isn't it? Well, I'm ready for some glamor now that I'm here. When do we go to the shops?! I'll forgive you for calling me a savage when we find a nice frock or two and maybe a new hat?

Madeleine Prévert said...

Darling, one doesn't buy clothing in Portland! Really, what would the latest Portland modes look like? I can't imagine, but most likely they'd employ vast quantities of felt! Probably tied on with deerskin straps. And I am not being ironic!

Paris, darling. Paris. For new frocks. And hats, of course! We'll get poor, appallingly disheveled you there soon enough, even if it needs be under the cover of night! Haha!