Thursday, January 7, 2010

January 7, 1936

Happy New Year, my darlings! Yes - yes - I know I am a trifle late. Hmmm, nearly a week it appears. New Year's Eve was really quite frenzied, though I retain very few of the revelry's details. I did make certain that my dear friend the widow Clicquot was much in evidence! Haha! So there was no "domestic" illness the next morning to mar the year's first dawning, and I was able to welcome the ever hopeful day feeling quite fit and fine. Actually, I don't believe I arose until suppertime, but no matter.

Since then, it's been packing, packing, packing. So much to do, so much to arrange. Penny's on her way to meet me here, darling thing. Then we're off! I do believe I previously mentioned that we would be in New York for a week and, after that, on to Europe. I've reserved the Deauville suite on the Normandie, comme d'habitude. It's my favorite of the suites de grand luxe, and it has a lovely private terrace, which I really do think necessary when one is travelling on a boat of this size. So many people, all clambering after a glimpse of the upper classes. Trying to push themselves in where they don't belong. So vulgar, really; it isn't pleasant to say so, but it's true!

Now, I still don't know where Penny will be staying on board. We've not been able to secure a room for her as yet. Well, we shan't have to put her in steerage, you can be sure of that! Haha! I suppose we can get the servants to double up, if it comes to that. The suite has four bedrooms and I'm travelling alone, so it might just be possible. Back to packing, now. Oh, la! Packing, packing, packing!

À bientôt, mes enfants.

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