Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18, 1936

Well, my darlings, I'm off tomorrow for the South, flying down just like a little bird! And practically at dawn; such a horror for those of us who toil away our nights upon the stage. I shan't be able to linger there long, so I'm having myself flown down. A marvelous Polish aviatrix is taking me in her lovely, sportif little aeroplane. Really, I can't understand a word she says - she's an accent like blancmange - but she's simply superb to behold and, well - dashing - if one may describe a lady thus. You know - I shouldn't say, it's too silly - but I think the ravishing little beast may have inspired in me a wee, tiny crush! Oh, la!

You'd think I would be terrified to be traveling in such a manner, but the thought of getting there with such remarkable vitesse certainly has an allure; do you know that one can fly from Portland to Los Angeles in less than TEN hours! Can you believe it? I think my little polonaise says we may have to stop in San Francisco to put in more fuel, but still. Ah, this modern world in which we live...!

I shall return later in the week. Yes, the same week! À bientôt, mes enfants!

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