Tuesday, October 6, 2009

October 6, 1936

I do so hate to bury you in celluloid, but here is another bit of our concertising out on tour. The press cameras follow us everywhere - we haven't a moment's peace - so I may as well take advantage of the miles and miles of film and share this with you. I do hope it doesn't bore you...oh! Aren't I funny!

Shadow Waltz is from a film by that divine Hollywood madman, Busby Berkeley. We've left off the neon-lit violins, you'll understand. Haha! And the gorgeous - gorgeous - Glamorous Night is from Ivor's maddeningly mesmeric musical play of the same name. My darling friend Mary Ellis - she's such a dear - sings it in the show. And her gramophone recording of it is nearly as celebrated as mine! She sings it most prettily; her voice is so high, you know. So high. So very high!

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