Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 1936

Oh, what a dreary day this is! They do say that Portland is very rainy, and I begin to see that what they say is quite unbearably true! But really!

Well, I've had a most taxing morning, already. Oh, I see now that it's after noon, but no matter. I have been told that I must take exercise. On account of not wanting to get too stout, you understand. So I've spent hours this morning doing all sorts of ghastly calisthenics and such - can you imagine?! It is really the most soul-killing activity. Oh, it's all right for those New York society ladies and all; they haven't any brains and nothing to do with their time, so who cares? Yes, my darlings, you know the type I mean. And then, of course, you know it's a very religion to Elsie de Wolfe. And, goodness, she's ancient! So, it's certainly kept her in good stead. That, and rather a lot of surgery. But I really don't have time for such undignified running about, being strapped into contraptions, and standing on one's head. It's exhausting and too, too silly! But it appears to be another thing that one must endure. After all, I don't want to be a great rhinoceros and not fit into my lovely frocks. Ah, well....

I must go now, dear ones. My glorious, pugilistic Miss Daphne has just arrived - and she's growling at me! Yes, she is! Haha! She'll give me the most delightfully savage massage, I'll have a bathe, then I'll have my hair reset and my sweet, silent little Malaysian will give my nails a fresh varnish. Then, I shall feel quite renewed, I'm certain of it. And may not even remember the horrors of the morning! Haha!

Until the next time, my darlings....

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