Saturday, December 19, 2009

December 19, 1936

Oh, dear! Oh, dear! Now I'm really in a muddle. Before I had any chance to cable dear Ivor, I received a cable from - can you guess? Yes! That darling , awful Noël! And he says he's writing a new show, too, and wants me to star in it. Can you imagine?! And, I dare say, there must be a similar situation to Ivor's, in that a certain Miss Lawrence can't or won't play with him. Why does it always seem I am a second string Muse! Haha! Well, never mind; now it seems most certain I'll be back in London presently. Oh, how marvelous! And how marvelous, as well, to think that dear Ivor and Noëly will be fighting over me like silly cats and I an old fishhead! Haha! It's really too delicious; I adore being clambered after!

But who do I choose? Oh, Noël is much the cleverer, but Ivor's tunes are completely heaven sent! What to do? What to do? Oh...!


Penny Prévert said...

Mother, this is too exciting! How on earth will you choose? What a very swell predicament! It's just like me in Hollywood, Mother - I have a call back for the part of "Woman Sleeping On Train" as well as a maybe on the part of "Shephard Girl #18." Wouldn't it be too marvelous if both of us were being battled over in the name of show business!

Oh, but do choose Noël! He does give the loveliest gifts. Remember that sweet little fur hat he gave me, Mother? That was when you performed for him in Paris, wasn't it, Mother? Oh, I did look good in that hat. Yes, I think you should choose Noël.

Madeleine Prévert said...

A grave decision like this based on the gift a hat? Darling, how can you be so very superficial? I can't imagine where you get that unfortunate quality. I really can't.