Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December 8, 1936

Hello, my darlings! What a lovely bright morning it is. Though it is simply appallingly cold outside. So do stay indoors, all cozy and warm in your little cottages, or wherever it is that you lurk. Stay close round the fire, turn on the wireless - and listen to me! Yes, that's right, me! Haha!

Because, you see, it appears I shall be on the radio this morning. I shall have to leave my warm little nest and go down to the radio studio to be interviewed. I'm certain to be asked all sorts of impertinent questions - the American press is wretched in that regard - but at least I shall have the comfort of knowing that my public will be once again hearing my voice. Though I shan't be singing, my pets; no orchestra has been engaged. I do believe it will be a transcontinental hook up, so that the whole of the country will hear me. I don't know if it will be transatlantic, though; my dear Europe may need to wait a wee bit longer for my company. I don't know. I simply cannot fathom such technological marvels, at any rate. All I'm certain of is that I shall be floating upon the airwaves this fine morning. Floating into your homes, be they grand or very dreary. Floating from the wireless and into your hearts - oh, I do hope so, my darlings! So do listen in, if you haven't anything better to do - oh! Haha! As if you'd have something better to do? Oh, how funny I am!

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