Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17, 1936

Oh, dear! Just now I've received a cable from dear Ivor asking me - begging me, really - to return to London. He says he's got a new show he's putting up, and that he's written a part just for me. Just for me, he says! Oh, really...? Now, I don't believe that for one moment; his usual muse, dear sweet Mary Ellis, must be occupied elsewhere. Naughty Ivor! But I may just choose to go along with his little tale this time. Oh, it would be so nice to get away from this silly place and its wretched weather! The weather in London - oh, bother! But it doesn't matter. Just to be in a proper city again would be so refreshing. In a lovely, successful real musical play; Ivor writes nothing but great smash successes, of course. And I can't languish here forever, goodness knows. I wonder if my horrid manager can get me out of my contract....

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